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#2 Fireball Island

Flicking things at family is fun Yes that is an actual cross stitch pattern by @RestorationGame Yes, yes it is. The perfect game for getting your own back. Just try not to look too smug as you hit a family member with an ember and watch them fall into the rapids and say, 'Well I… Continue reading #2 Fireball Island

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Interview with Jackson Pope – Eurydice Games

FlickFleet We got the chance to ask Jackson Pope some questions this week about Kickstarter, game development and Eurydice Games latest game, FlickFleet. Jackson Pope First of all congratulations on a successful Kickstarter campaign. Let's start from the very beginning. FlickFleet wasn't the first game you developed, your debut was Zombology. When did you get… Continue reading Interview with Jackson Pope – Eurydice Games


#1 Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Look at that box art The plan was to start the evening with Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters and then move on to Flick em Up and end with several games of Cockroach Poker. Instead we just played the former for a little over two hours. How many games did we fit in all that time?… Continue reading #1 Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

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Tabletop games and autism for newcomers

Survive - escape from Atlantis Welcome newcomer to the world of tabletop games. Yes, just by even checking this page or googling it, you are now one of us, a nerd, a geek. Embrace it and let us take you on a journey through our world. You have played board games yes? Well scrub that… Continue reading Tabletop games and autism for newcomers